12 volt set up

12 volt set up

Having a 12 volt set up was always going to be a definite, and knowing exactly what things we wanted in our van was going to determine what type , how big and all the things we would need to make everything work off grid.

Information overload here we come lol,

So after literally hours and hours of research we finally came up with Australian Direct they actually had every last piece of our 12 volt system at the one place.

Australian Direct have so many different options for small to medium to large set ups all at amazing prices.

Their kickass products are well built , easy to choose the correct set up and super easy to install yourself.

We decided on the 120ah lithium battery box to be the fore front of our power storage. Being mostly to the fact it’s the new cutting edge when it comes to battery types they charge faster, last longer, can be drained to virtually 0% and still work, they are half the weight and they will last you longer.

Incorporated into the battery box is the 25 amp 12volt dcdc charger which is also a mppt solar controller as well. The idea of this charger is when we are driving to or from any destination we plug the pre wired Anderson plug from the battery box which is connected to the dcdc charger to the Anderson plug on our tow car and the alternator on the car will now also charge the battery while we drive.

We then matched that with the 200 watt super thin mono crystalline solar panel to be our source of charge when we are set up camp.
The 200 watt portable solar panel is super light portable and very thin, so it makes it a breeze to pick up and move to follow the sun to get the most out of available sun.

There are 4 panels that fold out to give you great coverage and each section of panel has its own stand to be tilted back to face the sun at its highest point of the day. The panels come with a pmw solar controller built in and a real easy Anderson style plug and alligator clips to connect to any battery without needing any wiring at all. 
We also chose the 1200 watt inverter to run some of our 240 volt items like chargers, coffee machine and our items.

It comes with a remote screen so you can mount that at a distance to the inverter and still view, turn on and off, and change settings on your inverter.

We also purchased the the 22 amp 9 stage 240 volt battery charger for when we are pulled back at home and we can plug Effie in the 240 volt mains power and can charge her battery back up ready for the next trip.

The rest of our setup consisted of fuses, relays and cabling and other wires, and hardware all of which we purchased from Australian Direct.

Which is why we highly recommend these guys to kick start your off grid journey around our amazing country. 








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